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Old hand-painted signs around town

In a recent post about my new logo, I mentioned that I’ve been influenced by the typography I see on the old buildings around town. There are some amazing signs that have been hand-painted directly on the brick of various warehouses and businesses. Some of these signs are old and fading and will eventually disappear. Fortunately, some of these signs have been restored as a way of preserving the unique character of the building – even if the original business is no longer in existence.

iPhone photography

iPhone photography

My iPhone has been opening up a whole new world of photography for me recently – probably because it is so convenient to snap photos, and I always have it with me. Here is a composite panoramic photo I took in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania recently. I took several photos of this amazing sky and pieced them roughly in PhotoShop just to play around and see how it might turn out.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Responsive Web Design

Gone are the days when you can expect to have your website viewed only on computer monitors. People are connected to the internet through a wide range of devices now in addition to desktop and laptop computers. How does your website look on:

smartphones like the iPhone or Android phone?
tablets like iPad?

My new logo

A designer’s biggest challenge is often developing their own logo/brand. Doing this work for a client seems so much more clear-cut. After working on my logo on-again-off-again for a number of weeks, I arrived at a solution that I felt represented me well.

Welcome to my freshly revamped site!

At long last, has a new look and fresh content. For the last few years it was a classic case of “The cobblers children not having shoes.” My own website hadn’t been a good reflection of the skills and attention to detail that I put into practice for my client work. So that all has changed. Please take a look around. I plan to add project images and photos to this blog section of the site regularly, so keep checking back to keep tabs on what I’m doing.